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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Malung

The Malung and I have been butting heads for some time now (e.g., here and here).

He's been taking heat over the documentary he's doing on the Finsbury Park Mosque, in light of the terrorist attacks on London. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but those attacks sure look like the work of al-Qaeda. If it turns out that the folks he's been filming had something to do with it, he has a lot of re-thinking to do. And if they don't, he's vindicated (at least in that one realm).

Here's some random quotes from his own blog, to give you a sense of what he's about.

To his credit...

What I have a problem with...


(Please keep in mind that each commenter's opinions are only his/her own.)

cheers dude! ha ha ha ha I really apreciate this. You've got me down to a T!

I am quite pleased with the flack really (but don't tell anyone)

to address your points of concern:

The first point is true. Everyone at the mosque came across like naiive conspiracy theorists, and as you know, conspiracy theoriests are rarely terrorists. I am struggling at the moment to get some video up on socialistwanker.

I have no opinion on the conspiracy theories they believe in, I have no problem presenting them. Holocaust revisionism,Mossad involvement in 9/11- I dont think any of this will suprise anyone.

Its true. Meeting them, I cannot believe that these are the guys associated with all this press coverage.They come across like a devout church group.I want to make this film so as people can judge for themselves.

I have pitched a meeting between 3 christian republican women and ALL of them to BBC and Channel 4 but havent heard back from either yet.

(Rightwingsparkle and friends)

"The Sun want the [Guantanamo] guys to be terrorists. The Independent and people like myself want them to be innocent and everyone writes accordingly."

I am just saying that I am aware of bias in the human condition, that what we expect makes a huge difference to what we get. The sun went looking for one thing, I went looking for the opposite. If I hadn't found it I would have left.

It was a CONSIDERABLE struggle. I haven't had any sinister people feeding me stuff. They are so paranoid and difficult to work with it is untrue.

Hajj's comments you quote,

Hajj is my favourite Muslim, he stood on the other side of Hamza from Abdullah the whole time. He is so mellow it is untrue. He gets in trouble with the others cos he doesn't mind hanging around with tokers (though he dosn't toke himself.)

He said his opinion. He thinks a Muslim is someone who prays 5 times a day, and that the killing of innocents is haram.

the "Al Quaida does not exist" is from the "Power of nightmares" doc. Jason Burke made for the bbc.

and I do want you to meet Martin Mubanga. If someone takes my doc, rightwing sparkle is going to.

Honestly, I don't believe any of the people I have met are terrorists. No one would believe me, thats why I'm trying to get Sparkle along.

I hope for everyone's sake that they're not terrorists (or financiers, etc). But your arguments are weak and subjective. When you say "naive conspiracy theorists", I think of Timothy McVeigh. Who says they're rarely terrorists?

And you know what I think of Martin Mubanga.

And I think that "The Power of Nightmares" (best I could read about it--I haven't seen it) is Michael Mooreish bunkum. A straw man. I wonder if people are reconsidering it after the London attacks.

Power of Nightmares is considerably superior to anything Michael Moore did, much closer to documentary and much further from polemic or propaganda.

Martin Mubanga is a surprisingly accomplished rapper for someone who is meant to be a foaming Islamist militant, and he even performed with those kuffar the Unpeople. This is in stark contrast to my own (extensive) experience of Islamists in Taliban country (it's a long story, Dave will tell you all about it).

The statement "Al-Qaeda does not exist as an organised terrorist network" is a fair enough description of the organisation's structure... Please can I refer you to just the first few paragraphs of this Sunday Times report I contributed to (US 'publican friends: this is a right-wing Murdoch paper)... If you want to find my Real Name (tm) you will have to scroll right down to the bottom of page 3, though... Don't tell any of my straight journalism friends about my blog, okay??

And Al-Qaeda being a "hollow corporation" to put it in ST Business Section terms, there is no head or heart to strike at... a hydra...

But thanks for the "We are all Britons" bit...

God save the Queen...

[gin & tonics raised all round, glasses clink...]


M: Thanks for your comments. (See this reply, too. And this one.)

I read your Sunday Times article, and agree with it. Al-Qaida's "hollow corporation" still gives it the ability to carry out horrific evil, as we've seen. I don't see anyone on either side disputing that. (Which is the straw man of the Power of Nightmares.)

We must take lessons from Hamas and the PLO, too. The analysts are right that terrorism thrives where it's given safe haven. Al-Qaida was given safe haven in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"... the Power of Nightmares explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion." How much more "hidden" and "organized" did the London bombers need to be?

"Should we be worried about the threat from organised terrorism or is it simply a phantom menace being used to stop society from falling apart?" Tell the victims families that the menace was really a phantom, an illusion, and they needn't "worry."

Hey! I just discovered that I can watch The Power of Nightmares on the web. But I'm out of town for a few days, so I won't get to it for a while.

"weak and subjective" hmmmm what can I do? ALL the right wing papers, everyone in your and my govt (Blunkett and Ashcroft specifically) told me that Hamza was the "real thing"

I went to Finsbury park to check and put up some sketches of the real people I found surrounding hamza here and here it is all subective and open to debate isn't it?

but where is the debate? Its on your blog mate! no where else.

i conceed your point about "naive conspiracy theorists" as someone pointed out to me that Charles Manson was also one.

Abu Abdullah has actually read this thread (he reads my blog about twice a year!)and was a bit ngry about me desribing him as such.

have you watched that "power of nightmares" yet dude?

Cheers for pointing that link out-

I just watched no1 again and was wodering what you make of it?

Its almost as much psy-ops as the concepts it talks about, waring for world dominance.

Its like basic philosophy.

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