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Thursday, July 28, 2005

London Plotter Aswat in Zambia

"U.S. authorities had asked Britain if they could take Aswat into custody but they refused because he was a UK citizen, the sources said. Later British authorities said they suspected Aswat lent support to the July 7 bombers."

I wonder what we might have discovered about 7/7.

Zambia is where Martin Mubanga was apprehended, who the malung says comes across as "your average quietly spoken British person" (see my response after it).

Did all the stink Mubanga made about his detention make British or Zambian officials gun-shy?

(Correction: a closer reading shows Aswat in South Africa, not Zambia, when U.S. officials made the request.)


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The thing is, in a plea bargain situation with Mr. Ujama they can get him to say anything they like, but we still wouldn't know if he was actually guilty or not.

Some of the Muslims I have spoken to know Mr. Ujama's wife who is apparently in the UK. I asked if I could speak to her.

"What would she say? She just wants her husband to see his kids again."

"Documents obtained by The Observer now reveal that by the end of last October the Pentagon's own legal staff had grave doubts about his status, and had overturned a ruling that he was a terrorist by Guantánamo's Combatant Status Review Tribunal."

surely you don't advocate US soldiers covering a black man in his own urine and calling him "nigger" repeatedly if the Pentagon believe him to be innocent?

You're implying that we were justified in holding him until October 2004. And I agree. If he wouldn't have donated his British passport to al Qaida, he wouldn't have been in that mess to begin with.

You know what I think of all his abuse claims.

what do you think of Mr Aswat's situation now?

and the BBC version

something strange is going on that doesn't add up at all.

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