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Friday, October 29, 2004

Al QaQaa Weapons Update

As more information comes to light, mabye it's time to re-visit the entire Al QaQaa issue. The Pentagon just had a press conference with Major Austin Pearson, describing his ordnance-removal activities. Though the picture is still unclear, more light is shed hour by hour.

Here's what the press conference revealed & reiterated.


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I watched the press conference.

What shocked me was Major Peterson stating that he had personally supervised the destruction of 7000 tons of munitions. This is 20 times the amount that is supposedly missing.

The mainstream media never made a comment on this, they were obsessing on the "missing" items.

What about Mr Bin Ladens latest?
translated from arabic:

" Allah ho Akbar!!! what about me then?? I start a fight with you and you all run in the WRONG DIRECTON and get your kids killed in IRAQ instead!!!what sort of idiots idea was that then??"

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