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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Evaluate this claim

You're a teacher. One of your students walks up to your desk, slaps down his last test, a D+ grade, and says, "you need to make this an A!"

You say, "Why?"

He says, "I got this D+ because you prayed to Satan against me. So change it."

You say, "No I didn't."

He says, "If you didn't do it consciously, you did it unconsciously. And this D+ is proof!"

Before you can answer, he pulls out a newspaper clipping and slaps it on your desk. It's a story about a teacher in your own state who claims to be a Satanist.

Then he pulls out a petition signed by many of the kids in his class, that states that they believe the same thing.

What do you say next, and why? How do you go about evaluating a claim like this?


(Please keep in mind that each commenter's opinions are only his/her own.)

Its obvious. You tell him that he is Satan. He has seduced all the kids into signing on a piece of paper and obviously has folded over the page below where it says they are signing away their souls. If you get the paper from him and unfold it properly you can show the rest of the class the error of their ways and dirrect them to a local vicar who might have some way of undoing the deal, or to the cross roads where hopefully the best fiddle players amonsgt them might be able to do it for themselves

DB! Good to hear from you!

So you take the approach of "Answer[ing] a fool in his folly..."

Not unreasonable.

That is the best bible quote I have seen in years! Bloody hell you blew the dust off that good and proper!

Ha! Glad it spoke to you. (Best in years? I'm honored!)


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