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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hats Off to Obama

Hats off to our new President-elect Barack Obama. Though I have a lot to be troubled about, I think he has an historic opportunity to do good in ways our society needs.

More later, as time permits.

For me, part of blogging is going on record with what I think and believe, so you (and I) can hold me accountable for what I say in the future. So I'll revisit things I said earlier on.


(Please keep in mind that each commenter's opinions are only his/her own.)

Eh? Is this you writing this? Hats off to Obama? In what sense are you hopeful? I thought you'd be mortified.

Hey, DB! Always good to hear from you.

Sure, I have a lot to be troubled about, but a gotta salute him. I hope not to melt down over his presidency. Rational thought and perspective are needed more than ever.

That is very philosophical for a Republican whilst we are throwing shoes about. I heard you were all buying guns!

Yes, throwing shoes seems to be in vogue. As does buying guns. Economic stimulus, you know!

Glad to be called "philosophical." I'd like to think of myself that way.

Here's a good standard to hold me to for the Obama presidency. What do you think?

I think that could have been written by McCain himself. I was very impressed with what he said in his concession speech. I have never heard one like it. Someone pointed out to me that he is still saying the same thing, though you are the only Republican I know who is saying anything remotely similar.

I couldn't help liking McCain just for this. I think he is the best Republican leader I have ever seen in my life. As far as Obama I am trying to remain optimistic but I am not sure what to be optimistic about. Maybe I should take a cyber-leaf out of this link you posted.

I really enjoyed the elections and got into all the "hope" thing but without any real expectations that anything would change. I am hopeful that the groundswell of pressure from those who pin their hopes on him will force him to incorporate change but I don't expect it.

Thanks for your two cents.

Though I'm a bit relieved that his picks so far aren't farther to the left, there's still a lot of room for concern.

I think, as you mention, the left will be energized to protest and make mischief. We'll see how he handles that. (His Chicago background might come in handy there.)

We'll see.

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