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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Who's in the bubble?

Doonesbury, 8/19/2007:

"Still, if military folks are starting to think [the war is lost] ... and so does the public and congress and the media ... Well, who's left? Only the fanatical or delusional!"

Or both. [Pan to the Whitehouse in a bubble.]

Daily Telegraph's Damien McElroy's on-the-ground reports (via Powerline):

The popular uprising against al-Qa'eda by residents of Anbar Province turned former enemies into American allies earlier this year. The result was a dramatic restoration of stability across Iraq's Sunni heartland.
In the advanced field combat hospitals run by the Navy in Anbar province, there is suddenly nothing to do. Equipped to handle sudden rushes of dozens of gravely injured troops, the hospitals are empty.

Who's in the bubble?

10/14: Said another way, Who's the fanatical or delusional?


(Please keep in mind that each commenter's opinions are only his/her own.)

Like any insurgency, the fight is fluid and moves to where it is being resisted least. There has been a recent upsurge in violence, and while the hospitals in Anbar may have less to do, the hospitals elsewhere now have more to do.

Maybe it is you who are "in the bubble"?

For some perspective on Iraq, read Last-Of-Iraqis written by an Iraqi dentist living with his wife in Baghdad. It's a little more "real" than what gets bandied about in Washington.

Sorry I missed your comment. My notification broke and I didn't know it. (Hope it's fixed now.)

How does one distinguish between a "fluid" fight and progress (or regress)?

Thanks for the blog link. His most recent post seems to confirm some progress.

Another good one is IraqTheModel.


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