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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stop Snitching, Keep Self-Destructing

The Daily Show makes light of it, but it's an incredibly vile trend. The latest rage in messed up urban culture. "Stop snitching." Stay quiet about the crimes you see, even those perpetrated on you.

America's Most Wanted calls it "Perpetuating A Culture Of Violence:"

From Louisville to Boston, there is a culture of intimidation and fear pervading crime-infested inner cities, and it's being perpetuated through an unlikely source: fashion. An increasingly popular slogan --"Stop Snitching"-- is being slapped across T-shirts everywhere, encouraging silence and reinforcing a cycle of violence.

Here's CNN's excellent report in two parts:

It's amazingly self-destructive. And I guess self-destructive behavior has been cool and rebellious for a long time.

It's the next step in losing perspective: trust the perpetrators, distrust the police. Harm yourself to stick it to the Man.

It's hip-hop poisoning its own fans for a buck.

What's the reward? To be cool? Talk about a slave to fashion. (Of course, more crime is the real reward.)

Hat-tip: Jon Stewart


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