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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Ugly Beating

The Republicans took an ugly beating yesterday in the elections.

I've been too busy to blog much, but I suppose I should reflect a little.

I'm not happy about it. Plenty of reasons for concern. Ironically, most of the Democrats elected are more moderate than their Congressional leaders.

But not the end of the Republic. No plans to move to France or Canada. I won't accuse Democrats of brain-washing, being Nazis, etc. (Don't forget that I do think that our culture has been trying to brain-wash us in general for decades--mostly towards hedonism.)

Everybody's claiming to speak for the electorate. I won't presume to (at least too carelessly), and might scrutinize some such claims (when I have the time).

How about a list of Pros and Cons?



That's all I have time for now. Cheers.


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