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Monday, October 02, 2006

Talia Carner's China Doll

From my post on China's Lost Girls, I received this heads-up:

I've found through Google that you were quite passionate in a statement on your website about the Dying Rooms documentary.

You asked, "I'm baffled by all the tip-toeing around this brutal Chinese government. Who will call it what it is?"

Well, author Talia Carner is such a lone voice. In her new novel we've just released, CHINA DOLL, she touches this very important issue of infanticide in China. I would like to invite you and your readers to visit the author's website for a lot of background information about this issue. www.TaliaCarner.com. And of course, to read this suspense novel that, according to a reviewer is "a substitute for Dan Brown without the guilt of not schlepping to the beach War and Peace."

Talia Carner was hailed for her first novel, PUPPET CHILD, as "an author with the power to change society," and one who "changes the world one child at a time."

She hopes to reopen the debate and awareness of the killing of one million baby girls in China each year.

Jim Walters

Thanks for letting me know! Thanks for helping bring the public's attention back to this massive, quiet injustice.


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