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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Party like a North Korean

What's oppression really like? How bad is it? What would you endure for freedom?

175 North Korean refugees were found in an abandoned house in suburban Bangkok, Thailand. Further:

There was no immediate explanation on how so many North Koreans had managed to cram into a house with at least 10 bedrooms without Thai police being aware of them. Nor was it known immediately how long they had been there.

Today's version of the Underground Railroad.

[8/26] Good news! They won't be sent back to North Korea. Further: "Because of the North Korean government's poor human rights record, virtually all of its citizens are granted the status of “persons of concern,” which exempts them from being deported back to North Korea and makes them eligible to seek asylum."


Here's a party idea. Simulate those living conditions for a day.

They say "at least 10 bedrooms," so let's call it 11. Let's say the house is like one here in the U.S: living room, dining room, and family room, too.

Dividing people among these 14 rooms means 12 or 13 people to a room.

So divide each room in your place into 12 or 13 different parts. You get one of those to sleep in. When you're moving around your house, be mindful of the people in each room. Don't step (or sit) on them, but make a path through them.

Better yet: invite friends and family to fill every spot.

Don't forget to lay low so the neighbors or police don't get suspicious.

Not sure how we'll work meals. Get creative. There probably aren't enough dishes, cups, or silverware to go around, so you'll have to share.

Don't forget--the house is abandoned. Probably no electricity or running water. Make that part of the party, too. No air conditioning: Bangkok expects high temperatures in the low 90's a couple days this week.

Wait your turn for the bathroom. But with no running water, what will you do? Go in a bucket and take it outside? That's probably what they do. But let's not go that far: just wait your turn for the bathroom (and consider how long you'd have to wait).

What about laundry? Get creative again.

So how bad would things have to be for you to flee a country and live like that? Not just for a day, but like those people, some period of time?

By the way, Thailand is a long way from North Korea. It looks like they traveled 2,000 miles (3,000 km): think about what they endured just to get there.

Via Gateway Pundit.

P.S.: If you really do throw this party, let me know!

Update 8/24: I still haven't found any more information their living conditions or the size of their house.


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