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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Harry Belafonte's Credibility Problem

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Belafonte, who has criticized President Bush, has said that he was invited [to speak at Coretta Scott King's funeral] but the invitation was rescinded at the insistence of the White House. Martin Luther King III, whose father was friends with Belafonte, denied that the White House was involved and said he considers the situation a mistake, the Chicago Defender reported.

''There was a big mix-up,'' King said. ''It certainly didn't have anything to do with President Bush being there.''

If he has any shred of evidence that the King family rescinded his invitation at the insistence of the White House, let's see it. If he thinks he can make baseless claims and smear the King family, he lacks integrity and is treating everyone listening like morons. (Maybe that's why so few are listening.)

Maybe he expects a free pass for being a celebrity. Nope. Sorry.

By the way, that doesn't make his music any less wonderful.


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