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Friday, March 31, 2006

ToryConvert's Political Journey

I came across ToryConvert's blog completely by accident. (I don't remember now what I was searching for.) Here's the part of her story I found most interesting.

I am a woman in my late twenties living and working in central London. I have always been passionately interested in politics. I was not born into a Conservative family - my parents are floating voters, while my maternal grandfather was a Communist. In my teens and early twenties I was the kind of studenty anti-globalisation left-winger whose copy of "No Logo" takes pride of place on their bookshelf. ...

Sitting on the fence seemed self-centred and solipsistic. By that time, having left university and gained some experience of the workplace, I had drifted to the right. I began to realise that my former opinions had been based on prejudice about my opponents, not fact, and on moral axioms which ignored real world evidence in favour of unquestioned moral certainty. ...

I sometimes feel saddened by a sense that Britain is in trouble. We seem to have less of a sense that if we want a country that is a good, civilised place to live, we as individual people and communities may be required to take action ourselves rather than wait for the Government to do an often undefined and vague "something" for us. To me, the Conservative Party is the only Party that has this ideal of personal responsibility and proactivity written into its DNA. That is in a nutshell why I have joined.

I don't presume that a British Conservative has everything in common with one here in the U.S., but I like what she has to say. (I'm surprised, too, at how unfamiliar I am with the various issues she writes about.)


(Please keep in mind that each commenter's opinions are only his/her own.)

I think shes the only British Conservative under 55 who isn't a gay male.

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