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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a damning indictment of the "Bush lied" crowd

Investors Business Daily makes some provocative statements in Saddam Had WMD: The Missing Dots:

President Bush has ordered the vast quantity of documents and tapes captured by U.S. forces in Iraq to be made public. Based on what has been revealed already, a lot of people owe him an apology.

...President Bush has ordered the release for public analysis of more than 3,000 hours of audiotapes of Saddam Hussein

... in the 12 hours of tapes revealed so far is documentation that Saddam had active WMD programs and conspired to deceive weapons inspectors, hiding them and then spiriting them out of the country with Russian help.

In short, they are a damning indictment of the "Bush lied" crowd and a total justification for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The recordings released so far show how Saddam was hiding his WMD from weapons inspectors. They also show the Iraqi dictator discussing previously unknown plans for enriching uranium.

Very strong statements. Still quite a few unanswered questions, but progress.

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Update, 3/15, AP: 1st Declassified Iraq Documents Released. The declassified documents can be accessed at: http://fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/products-docex.htm (Typo in AP's link.)


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Yeeeeahhhh...I'm more than a little skeptical, if for no other reason then they're just now releasing this information. How long have we been sitting on this info? They're just releasing this info to the public now....why?

I maintain that, while I was indeed part of the "Bush lied" crowd, my principal dislike and distrust of him stems from his incredibly seedy campaign of prejudice, hatred and fear.

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