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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chicago Sight: The Green Mill

Chicago's legendary Green Mill Jazz club.

I've visited a couple of times, though it's been a while. It's small and incredibly crowded (and I think there's a cover charge). It was literally shoulder-to-shoulder people from the door all the way back. Thick with cigarette smoke (though maybe not now). And pretty loud.

Not really my scene.

And it's pretty much in the hood, at Lawrence and Broadway. You'll be panhandled pretty agressively to and from your car. (We were.)


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Are Thursday nights still big band night? Nothing cooler than seeing a 20 or so band cram onto that stage and jam.

I remember when the Green Mill was still a hip place that only the locals knew about. Last time I was there it was full of yuppies.

A band that big on that stage would be a sight to see!

I've only been inside twice (I think), and the last time was three or four years ago.

Probably is full of yuppies.

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