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Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Chicago sight

The sign reads "We sell fresh goat meat." I saw it in a shop's window and had to ask. Who buys fresh goat meat and why? Is this a religious thing? Cultural? Just another kind of meat? The guy didn't speak much English and got a little defensive: "We sell all kinds of meat! All kinds!"

Ok. Just asking. Maybe I'll go back and ask again.


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Goat meat is the #1 most consumed meat in the entire world. YES! More than beef, chicken, pork etc.
Goat, also known as Chevron or Cabrio, is a favorite of Hispanic and Muslim people.
FYI - Goat is by far the most healthy meat. Fat content is lower than Chicken and Protein content as high as Beef, without the fat.

Goat Producer in TN

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