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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tax stats

I came across this post, and it seemed pertinent to this recent post and discussion. I haven't double-checked his source or analysis. (Bride-of-Scrutinator K loves to analyze data. Care to look this over?)

HT: The Malung


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Is that supposed to make us feel sorry for the poor rich folk?

Seems to me like the system is working fine for them.

Dan, I don't think the intention was to make you feel sorry for the rich.

It was to bring to light the reality that the wealthy in America ARE paying a significantly higher tax rate than everyone else, which is what you wanted in your "little village" on your earlier post.

You can't fix a system unless you understand what's really happening. You were advocating a solution to poverty that is already happening in some fashion.

Fair enough.

But I DO understand what's happening. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Doesn't set well with me. Robin Hood was right.

Seriously, it seems to me that the rich have two ways of dealing with things to best suit their own ends.

1. Gated communities solution. Move away from the riffraff, hire security, put in security measures, etc to keep the rabble at bay, or
2. Use some MORE of their vast wealth to improve conditions for everyone, so as to lessen any fears they have of the masses.

This is not about rich-hating. It's about what's in everyone's best interest.

Dan: Between your stereotypes and your claims to read their minds and motives, you seem pretty bigoted against the rich. Do you do this with other segments of the population?

Any statistics on gated communities?

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