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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where I've been

I haven't blogged myself much because I've been poking around the left side of the blogosphere.

This guy (as pretty much the entire left side) blames Bush for Katrina, but can't seem to distinguish an anonymous assertion from a verifiable fact. (Michelle Malkin does front-line debunking, with many more to follow once the fog of the catastrophe clears.)

Same guy bashes Bush for his World War II references, but, well, gets it wrong. A guy with Tourette's syndrome goes off on me. I respond below.


(Please keep in mind that each commenter's opinions are only his/her own.)

Wondered where you were. Had an hilarious time last night over on Sparkles forum. Those people are insane. Then more insane people pop up as if from nowhere.

I noticed your comment somewhere.

What do you reckon for Bush's chances?

All the lefty blogs say hes done for, end of. All the media over here says hes rocking. Sparkles posse dont seem to be overly worried but are full of righteous indignation

Dick Morris has a column today at the New York Post. While he thinks Bush's rep has been damaged to some extent by the 'slow' federal response to Katrina, Morris thinks that the long rebuilding project to come will give the president PLENTY of opportunity to rebound.

db: Thanks for your concern. When you disappeared for a week or more, I feared the worst. (Which is really any of a few things, come to think of it.)

docjim -- Thanks for the heads-up, and for stopping by.

I've been too busy with work to keep up, and next week might be similar.

No worries take it easy, and keep an eye on the Guantanamo hunger strikers story.

When Bobby Sands did this in Ireland was a time when things got really rough for us.

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