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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

9/11: Let us never forget

Watched this documentary this evening. These film-makers, following a rookie firefighter in NYC, wound up shooting the only video of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.

The story is riveting and touching. The images give some indication of the magnitude of the destruction.

That people in this world would carefully plan these attacks, and revel and rejoice in the pain they caused, is mind-numbing. And the main reason they carried out these attacks is because they couldn't come up with a way to murder more U.S. civilians.

Let us never forget.


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I agree. This documentary should be seen by, well, practically everyone...and should be of particul interest to those in the film industry. It's compelling to experience first hand the attacks on the twin towers through the eyes of the two young French film makers who stumbled into the film.

I'd love to forget the evil, but not the strength, bravery and heroic acts by our firefighters.

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