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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Chicago's Democratic Political Machine

I'm so glad the Feds are investigating. But the bad-guys aren't going down without a nasty fight. And they scored a huge victory in leaking the cooperating witness list. Incredibly sick. No wonder the mob can instill such fear, when their lawyers do this. Are the courts obliged to show the defense this list? If so, the entire legal system breaks down in the face of organized crime.

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Update, 8/4/2005. More corruption: kickbacks for park contracts, including Millenium Park.


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To our shame, the FEDS seem to have hit the jackpot in Chicago! I hope they continue to play hardball until the shake loose all the deeply rooted corruption.

Perhaps this is a sampling of what our nation would look like if it, like Chicago, was a "well oiled" democratic political machine.

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