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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Austin Bay's "Critique of Fatigue"

A dose of reality as a remedy to pundits' "fatigue," from Austin Bay:

My situation map: I’m west of Baghdad, the afternoon temperatures are punching 125 degree. Every morning I’m seeing 19 and 20 year old soldiers –most of them from either 1st Cavalry Division or Washington State’s 81st Brigade– gearing up for convoy duty or patrols in and around Baghdad. They’re eager, committed, energetic– the new greatest generation doing a tough job that requires steady courage and discipline. Let me repeat that key word: steady. That’s perseverence, what winning a war takes. Then I read a string of “woe is us, we’re tired” commentaries. The lit critic in me couldn’t miss the affected tones, the vague suggestion of Virginia Wolfe. What’s the term? Ah yes– Neurasthenic. Webster: “a type of neurosis, usually the result of emotional conflicts, characterized by a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, depression, worry, and often localized pains without apparent objective causes.” Noonan was on vacation in London and Sullivan’s in a hammock on Cape Cod. Tough duty. In Baghdad we had bombs, but pity these pundits– they’re tired.

[Our soldiers'] smiles break out despite the fatigue– and then the troops buckle up and do it again. Blood, sweat, toil and tears: that’s not simply Churchillian poetry, that’s the price of victory, and it’s the product of spine.


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Shame you are blogging less I was going to ask if you would like to be our resident republican. You are annoyingly sane and unevangelical enough. We were trying to get one before but he went a bit mad and blew up his blog (see casualties of the internet wars

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