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Sunday, October 17, 2004

I'm stunned...

My "hometown paper," the Chicago Tribune, is endorsing George W. Bush for President. (Subscription req'd.)

I'm stunned, rubbing my eyes, knocked back on my butt. Am I really reading this? Do my eyes deceive me? Did someone hack into their website?

This is the paper I typically call(ed) "the unregulated arm of the local Democratic Party." (The paper that pried into our Republican candidate Ryan's divorce records and sunk his candidacy with tawdry allegations.)

I wonder how it will affect this blue state? Standing apart from the Dems? The next four weeks should be very interesting (though I can't get my hopes up too high).

Bravo, Trib! For seeing the great issue of the day, for piercing the rhetoric and hysteria, and for thinking clearly and rationally!


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